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This Girl Can Nottingham is a celebration of active women across the county who are doing their thing no matter how they look and how well they do it.

Watch some amazing women from Nottingham wiggle, jiggle and move more freely. They explain how being more active changed them for them better.

Your Stories

We have seen some great stories from inspirational women since Nottingham Girls Can campaign launched in March 2015. We would love to hear your story and how the campaign has inspired you to wiggle, jiggle and move more so please fill in the details below and feel free to add some images. Once we receive your submission, we will add your story to this page.

Lianne Harrold

Lianne, 33, tells us why she ditched her gym membership for a life of climbing. Less than two years ago she'd hardly set foot on a climbing wall but now climbing is a massive part of her life and social scene. We ask Lianne how she got into climbing and what she gets out of it.

Amber Maitland-Meek


Lucinda Browne

What I love most about delivering is seeing participants get together, make friends and be part of something they enjoy. I'm happy was able to assist with that

Claire Henson

It’s changed my life in a way I never thought possible.

Roopam Carroll - Cycling

I have found this life-changing. I have now discovered a sustainable form of exercise that I can and already have built into my life.


It’s so important for women to have good self-esteem and confidence to try sport.

Emanliela & Chiara

We can do anything!

Sheila Ashton - Cycling

Before I joined this group I had not been on a bike for over 30 years.

Need Inspiration?

Need inspiration? Look no further- just watch this video!

Kelly Chapman - Running and Pilates

I saw the first add at the Broadway cinema in Feb 2015 for This Girl Can and it gave me goosebumps.

Can you spot yourself in our latest video?


Cassie Paxton - SUP yoga

Paddler, SUP Yoga Teacher, Water Adventurer, Jazz and Burlesque follower... Cassie discovered her love of adventure, water, nature and yoga during her rehabilitation following a serious spinal injury.

Susan Wheatcroft - Running

I am a busy working Mum and wife, so running is my ‘me time’, my time to escape from daily life, it has taken over my life – all for the better!

Catherine Hughes - Nordic walking

I used to work as a scientist in pharmaceuticals, but now I prescribe exercise as a medicine.

Charmaine Daley - Zumba

I looked around me and there were women of all shapes, sizes, abilities, ages but each wore a big smile. Finally, I fit in.

Vicki Green - Vertical Fitness

I never anticipated the social, emotional and psychological benefits that pole fitness brought in to my life.

Sarah Harrison - Pole Fitness

For me, that is what this campaign is all about, trying stuff you never even thought you could do, let alone actually enjoy.

Sarah Horrigan-Fullard and Zoe Blackburn

Running empowers women to prove to themselves how amazing they can be and they love that they get to share that with others.


I really used to hate exercise until I started Aqua Fit with my friend 2 or 3 times a week. After a hard day at work or if I am feeling grumpy it really lifts my mood.


I do mainly swimming with a bit of running and cycling too. I love the focus it gives me and doing it with like-minded friends.

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